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Atlas Sound Ennis Texas Facility Installs Precision Laser Machinery

Atlas Sound, in a continued effort to maintain their footing as the
innovator and leader in equipment rack, cabinet, and enclosure
manufacturing, recently installed a state of the art Trumpf
TrueLaser 2030.

Installed in the Ennis, Texas facility, the Trumpf TrueLaser 2030
combines high speed accurate laser cutting with integrated loading
and unloading material handling making it a great fit for the
already efficient Atlas Sound manufacturing shop.
The Trumpf 2030 replaces older punch technology and its impressive
2000 watt laser provides powerful and precise cutting; opening the door
to new material and design capabilities.

David Ewing, facility manager in Ennis, stated "We are very excited
to have the Trumpf 2030, it's a great addition." Ewing continued
with, "...operating costs (of the Trumpf) are greatly reduced by the
ability to use filtered shop air in most cases versus oxygen or
nitrogen as the cutting gas."

Preparations for the installation began several months back and
thanks to the focus and determination of the Ennis team, the
Trumpf is already up and running.