A-Line Acoustics News

Atlas Sound Teams with Intelligent Marketing, Inc. for Challenge Unlimited, Ironstone Farm

Ironstone Farm (Andover, MA) and its Challenge Unlimited program
bring together people and horses in a working farm environment. The
farm's professional staff of over 20 licensed instructors and
therapists work with people who have a wide variety of physical,
emotional, and cognitive disabilities. 35 program horses and 150
volunteers to serve 450 to 500 children and adults each week, year

Peter Spollett, Vice President of the Sound and Communications
Division for Haverhill, MA-based Intelligent Marketing, Inc. (IMI),
contacted Challenge Unlimited when he heard they were constructing a
new riding arena to volunteer his company's services.

Spollett designed PA and background music systems for the arena,
enlisting the assistance of Atlas Sound and a donation of an Atlas
AH 5040 stadium horn (mounted at one end of the 200' x 80' arena)
and eight of their new PM8FA-W pendant mount loudspeakers. An Atlas
AA240 mixer amp drives the PA system (the AH stadium horn), using 2
channels of an Atlas ASP-MG24 processor. A second AA240 drives the
distributed background music system (the eight pendant mount
loudspeakers), using 2 channels of the processor. The equipment is
housed in an Atlas WMA16-23 wall cabinet.

With IMI associate Reggie Payne and Steve Brooks, Eastern Regional
Sales Manager for Atlas Sound, Spollett and his volunteer crew
installed a wireless sound system in mid-September. Donated product
from Avlex (an MIPRO dual channel receiver, a synthesized handheld
mic, and a body-pack transmitter) and an custom rack input panel
from Roscor Corp. Inc. round out the system.

"The Atlas pendant mounts loudspeakers are evenly hung about 23' off
the ground and proved to be ideal for this application," says
Spollett. "There's not even 2dB variance anywhere in the arena. The
single Atlas horn for the PA fills the arena and gives excellent
intelligibility. The systems can be combined with the flick of a
switch, using inputs from both wired and wireless mics, plus a CD
player, FM tuner, and an iPod."