A-Line Acoustics News


PHOENIX, AZ, November 1, 2007-Loyd Ivey and Hardy Martin are pleased
to announce the merger of their two companies, Atlas Sound, founded
in 1934, and Innovative Electronic Designs (IED), founded in 1978.
IED, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is a leading innovator of state-
of-the-art audio and visual communications management systems and
components. Atlas Sound is a leader in high performance audio for
commercial applications.

"No two companies are closer in culture than IED and Atlas Sound,"
said Loyd Ivey, founder and CEO of Mitek, parent company of Atlas
Sound. "We are merging two dynamic companies, with similar core
competencies and similar value systems. The merger will allow us to
become a global leader in communications systems. I am happy to join
forces with the crew at IED to become modern day 'Davids' against
the global Goliaths of today's communications industry. "

Hardy Martin, President of IED stated, "We are very excited to merge
IED with Atlas Sound to combine the best practices of both our
companies. The manufacturing proficiency of Mitek combined with the
integrated audio and visual communications expertise of IED will be
an incredible combination. As partners, IED and Atlas Sound can move
to the next level of communications systems design."

The two companies will continue to operate independently, with no
changes in management, staffing, or daily operations. "It's
business as usual," said Martin. "The operation of Mitek matches
very well with our philosophies at IED, and we are confident that
the merger will be smooth and seamless for our customers."

Pat Brown of Syn-Aud-Con commented, "The combined strengths of these
two fine companies will enable them to provide sophisticated
solutions to the most challenging sound reinforcement applications.
This is a win-win for both IED and Atlas Sound."

NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson added, "We work in a people-
based industry. The quality people that make up Atlas Sound and IED
really make this a great venture. Atlas Sound and IED are well
situated to help grow the mass notification section of our

Andy Musci of Altel Systems said, "I am so thrilled for IED, to
combine their innovative and technical expertise with the resources
of Atlas Sound. IED and Atlas Sound are two great American

Loyd Ivey added, "We are like minds, joining together for a common
goal. IED and Mitek go together like peanut butter and chocolate, a
real sweet combination."

IED and Atlas Sound will be part of the newly formed Mitek High
Performance Communications Group. Mitek Corporation also owns the
consumer audio brands MTX, DCM, Coustic, StreetWires, Re-Q and Xtant.