A-Line Acoustics News


(PHOENIX, AZ) -Atlas Sound announces that it is now shipping the new
RKW Series wood racks to distributors, contractors and retailers
worldwide. The RKW series is ideal for applications where space is
limited like classrooms, office areas, meeting rooms and
teleconference areas. The new racks round out Atlas Sound's lengthy
catalog of top-quality racks and cabinets including the popular WMA
and FMA series.

"The RKW12 and RKW16 are the inexpensive solution for any
application that requires a cabinet that is compact and versatile
that blends with surrounding wood furniture," said Steve Young, VP
Marketing for Atlas Sound. "Our industry has shown an increased
demand for a product line like the RKW Series and we're pleased to
announce that we're able to deliver."

The RKW12-18 and RKW16-18 is a knock-down wood rack with metal
mounting rails The durable, black laminated 5/8" furniture grade MDF
rack enclosures features rack rails constructed from 11-gauge steel
with tapped 10-32 holes in universal E.I.A. spacing, the RKW12-18
and RKW16-18 are available in 22 -" (12RU) and 29 -" (16RU) heights
with an overall depth of 18" respectively.

Look for the new RKW12-18 and RKW16-18 wood racks at distributors,
contractors or retailers near you.