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EMW410A-B Active Modular Subwoofer Speaker System
The Atlas A-Line EMW410A-B line array system is a 1000W RMS power subwoofer speaker system that is designed for use in speech and music reproduction applications for medium to large venues like houses of worship, theaters, or halls in conjunction with the EM806A-B full range speaker system.  The unit incorporates four 10" subwoofers with an integrated class D amplifier capable of delivering 1000W RMS power with pre-configured DSP for optimal sound reproduction. The cabinet design has integrated carry handles for easy transport and is finished in heavy duty black Duracoat™.  The EMW410A-B is designed to be used with the EM806A-B full range speaker system for a truly unmatched 3-way sound experience.
Tech Data Specifications
  • Four 10" Subwoofers
  • Integrated 1000W Class D Amplifier
  • Integrated Carrying Handles for Easy Transport
  • Heavy Duty Duracoat™ Finish
  • M&F XLR & I/O PowerCON™ Connectors